No, these aren’t photos from an electric six concert. But rather one of my favourite places to go visit, the former Firestone plant on Hamilton’s industrial sector. This ancient structure, tucked neatly away behind a very active recycling complex (which was also at one time a part of the factory as a whole) was first built in 1921, and expanded over the years. It shuttered it’s doors in 2001, from active use (Firestone had already left it in 1987). It made the perfect place to give my Nikon F4 a work out, pairing this pro camera from the late 1980s (It was released the year after Firestone closed the plant) and the modern 14-24mm lens, and a roll of Fuji Velvia (the pre-2005 stuff). The only thing that would’ve made it better was if I was using Kodachrome.

The size and openness of the plant is what makes using an ultrawide lens perfect for this space, and the rich contrastry colour that Velvia is known for only added to the natural light filtering into the place.

Wide Angle, Empty Spaces

Empty and Green

Drip, Drip, Drip

The Upper Room

Want to see more of Firestone? Visit here: Fire In the Disco on Flickr

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