As I mentioned in a previous post I was going to this year be participating the Help-Portrait event. That event was this past weekend and all I can say is that it’s all about love.

I’m not talking about romantic love (there was some of that) but love, family love, love of the art, love of people.

The Milton event in which I was a part of took place at the Darling House for kids, it’s a place were families with children who have mental and physical difficulties can go as a respite from taking care of these very special children in their own homes to a safe place with trained professionals to give them a hand and give the families a chance to be just that, a family, to laugh to play, and this past weekend get photographed…a lot.

Seriously we had three stations setup with at least four or five photographers at each. And seriously it was a blast, I had a great time working with photographers of every level, getting a chance to use full studio strobes. But the most important part was that I got to see families that love each other. Sure they may have children who won’t grow up to be the next person to walk on the moon, or invent the cure for cancer, but that didn’t matter, they were their children, or their brother or sister. And they loved them, and it showed in the photos I took of them.

And if wasn’t just the families that loved it, but the photographers also, I personally had a blast! Nothing like checking your ego at the door, not worrying about call backs, future business, no cards, no portfolios. I did it for my love of photography, and making the families happy. And I could tell that the other photographers there did it for the same reason!

Watch the Lion!
Jewels and her handy Lion helper.

Santa's Helper
One of Santa’s helpers going around and shooting candids!

One of the Team
Brent one of the candid photographers.

Does Anyone Know how this works?
Does anyone know how this works? Setting up for the group portrait.

Tom, the organizer was shooting both stills and video on his 7D and put together this wonderful video of us.

Also if you want more candid shots, check out Brent Pilgrim’s blog for a post and photos.

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