It’s that time of year again to reenact the battle and camp out at Canada’s Bloodiest battlefield. Both US and Crown Forces were in top shape this year! Featured this post is the Fighting 60th, or rather 7th Battalion 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, No. 6 Company. The 7th Battalion was formed of mostly German POWs who had been forced to fight for Napoleon over in Europe, but rather than languish in jail the British formed them into a unit specializing in light infantry tactics. The 7th Battalion No. 6 Company wore the rifle green of a rifle unit, however they were armed with smooth bore musket (New Land Pattern Light Infantry Muskets), in the 7th Battalion only the No 1 and No 10 flank companies were armed with the Baker Rifle.

The 60th Takes Position

Skirmish Order

Prime and Load

The 60th is Ready

Dramatic Death

Always Shooting

The 60th Fires!

Historically the 7th/60th never fought at Fort Erie, they served mostly in Nova Scotia and in Maine during the War of 1812. But Erie is always a big event. And green is much sexier than red.

Celer et Audax


  1. Nice vivid colours Alex. Also I have been meaning to ask. The streetscape you have at the top of your blog. What lens did you use?

    1. Author

      Thanks! The lens I used for the streetscape (which is Old Montreal) is using a Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.

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