I really can’t believe how close I am to finishing off the project! I’m rather impressed that I’ve actually been able to maintain the images coming out. Not to mention learning a bit more about my various cameras that I have been using, and narrowing down some of my favourite film stocks, and cameras in my vast arsinal.

So far I’ve learned: Wide Angle Lenses are not good for detail work, Toy Cameras are pretty awesome when used right (as in the right situation, I wouldn’t use a holga at a wedding for all the portraits), People are more open to getting their photo taken if it’s on an old strange looking camera (like my Rolleiflex TLR or Polaroid Automatic 250 Land Camera), the new Portra 400 is an amazing and versitile film, Velvia is best shot at ISO-64 without any push in development. There are many more things I’ve learned but I’ll save those for later.

As I close in on the ‘ten weeks left’ mark (Week 42), I sit in the lounge at Toronto’s City Centre (Billy Bishop) airport waiting for my flight to Newark for my usual fall vacation, to not only visit New York City, but to shoot a pile of film. I’m armed with tonnes of film and a pile of cameras. The idea is to use two weeks of the project for the city so there will be a bit of delay in posting them here so watch for a big double whammy of NYC photos.

I have also started compiling a book for the project that will feature my favourite shot of that week, watch for that in early 2012, and since I enjoyed this project I think I’m going to do a repeat for next year, with some different rules in place.

And last a big thank you to all who have commented on my photos, both online and in person and thank you for continuing to follow along.

Keep Shooting!

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