We don’t want to take your photo
We want to give it to you.

I was really looking forward to participating in Help-Portrait again, and to make things for 2011 more awesome we were running two events in Milton for the year. There were actually two last year but the groups remained seperate, so to increase the number of volunteers the two groups combined to make one awesome group. The first event was lead by George (who ran last year’s second group), at Milton Bible Church, and what a day it was, we were pretty much go-go-go from seven thirty in the morning until five that night. I don’t think my laptop or camera ever saw so much constant action.

Milton Help-Portait 2011
How many volunteers does it take to run a computer?

With an awesome team of photographers, computer operators, makeup/hair, and volunteers from the host church the event rocked, it was, as I’m so fond of saying, Brilliant.

Milton Help-Portait 2011
Hair, Makeup, and other Volunteers

Milton Help-Portait 2011
The Refreshment team

I also didn’t realize that I could take a wicked family portrait, and being able to hand over a print, framed, and a disc of the rest of the photos right to the person the very same day, really was what it was all about. I could say I took away some boosting of my talents as a photographer, but really I took away more a sense that I just helped out a bunch of people. The woman who lost everything in a fire, the young couple, the newly single mom, the soon to be mom. And many others.

Milton Help-Portait 2011
Oh Hai, it’s me!

That’s really what it’s all about. Not about portfolios, getting my name out there, or anything else for me. It’s about them.

Milton Help-Portait 2011
George and his Wife Tammy – Event heads

Milton Help-Portait 2011
Tom and Savanah – Events Heads – Darling House

Next up, Event Number 2 which hits the Darling House for Kids on Saturday! And thanks to my wonderful friend Wu, who gave us use of her Instax Mini 7s, and a bunch of film which all these were taken on.

If you want to get involved, start here: Help-Portrait | Dec 10th, 2011

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