This past Sunday at the University of Findlay there was something different going on party wise for a university. It was a party to celebrate instant photography and it’s continued life in the photographic world. Organized by Mat (From the Film Photography Project, and Alumni of UoF), and UoF professor Jeff, the idea was the allow anyone to get out and make use of a wide variaty of Polaroid Cameras and films. From Automatic Land Cameras, to Instant Integral ‘roids from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Films all over the board, Fuji FP-100c, 3000b, even some old Polaroid Stock was out ot play and new Impossible Films.

But you’re probably thinking….Alex, you’re nowhere near Ohio…what were you doing in Findlay, OH? I was lucky, and happened to be in the area on the date of the party so I hauled myself up to Findlay to participate.

It was an awesome day, getting to meet new people new contacts, share my own polaroids, and of course hang with friends!

Setting Up

The Group



Kas ^_^

The rest can be found in my Polaroid Party set on Flickr!

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  1. Great post, Alex! And great pics! I’m going to start searching on ebay and amazon for old Polaroid cameras and accessories. Look forward to seeing you again in Canada or here or there.

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