The year was 1994, March. An electrical failure causes one of hte trains on Toronto Zoo’s Domain Ride to roll backwards hitting a second vehicle injuring thirty people, and forcing the Zoo to shut down the Domain Ride, ending 30 years of the ride giving tours through some of the more remote areas of the Toronto Zoo which streached well out and along the Rouge River, which visitors could not walk to. But on this cold December Saturday we were forced to. The six of us crept down the steep grade to the river banks and made our way along looking for the concrete guideway. The Domain Zoo ride, although called a monorail (probably because of hte electrified rail) was actually closer to the Montreal Subway (Metro) with rubber tyred trams that passangers sat in during the trip. We eventually were able to get access to the abandoned guideway and move along it. Mostly over grown (and terminating where the zoo-mobile now runs) with long streaches through areas that could easily be found in Northern Ontario, even abandoned animal shelters for the exhibits that once roamed ‘free’.

Guide My Path

Winter Skies

Dead foliage.

The River

The Shelter

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