Often I will use this blog as a forum for my own photography, but today, today is special as I will feature the photos of others. Today is June 6th, and what sets today out from the other days in this case. Because on June 6th, 1944 saw the start of the end, today is D-Day. Europe was a fortress at this point, the Nazi regieme had rolled over the entire place annexing and occupying territories, and terrorizing the world. But 6:30am, June 6th, 1944 saw the start of the end, Operation Overlord was the hammer that would smash open Fortress Europe.

So today, I feature the photo of an unknown photographer, a soldier maybe, or a civilian who snapped this shot of Canadian troops heading into landing craft.

Photo: Troops of the Highland Light Infantry of Canada going aboard an L.C.I.(L) at dawn. 9 June 1944. Southampton, England
(Library & Archives Canada; PA-129059)


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