It’s the week that all Instant Photographers look forward to, that week where we celebrate in our little (well not so little) obsession with Instant Film. ‘Roid Week. This year, I actually managed to get in photos for all five days (last year I made it only four…due to a camping trip on the Friday that took me away from my computer/scanner, not a bad thing overall). It was as always fun, a bit qwirky, and filled with strange stares from students and coworkers as I lugged these old cameras around and smiled as I tucked away Integral film from the Impossible Project, or peeled off Fuji Pack Film.

Monday – Polaroid Spectra – Impossible PZ600 UV+ (due to a busy day at work, and bad weather I pulled out some film I had shot in Toronto earlier, but never scanned)
'Roid Week 2012 - Day One

Tuesday – Auto 250 – Fuji FP-3000b (nothing like a cloudy day to whip out some contrasty B&W)
'Roid Week 2012 - Day Two

Wednsday – SX-70 Sonar OneStep – Impossible PX680 Gold Frame (no ND filter, L/D wheel turned all the way to darken)
'Roid Week 2012 - Day Three

Thursday – ColorPack II – Fuji FP-100c (left overs…and double exposures)
'Roid Week 2012 - Day Four

Friday – Spectra – PZ600 UV+ (Nothing like using up your last pack so you can buy more!)
'Roid Week 2012 - Day Five

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