Now, fellow Canadians, British, and general folks, please don’t harp on me for mis-spelling ‘colour’ in the title, because it’s the proper brand name for the latest batch of film out of the amazing folks at the Impossible Project. ColorProtection is the latest emulsion in their ongoing quest to reinvent instant integral film. Well I’m going to say it, they have reinvented it, now it’s a matter of making what they have better and better.

It's a Trap!

But what they have right now is pretty damned good.

So what makes this film the best yet out the factory? Easy, anyone who has used this film from the beginning can attest that it wasn’t always the best stuff out there, very tempermental, needed to be shaded right out of the camera, variations in temperature would affect the development, uneven spreading of chemicals, and various other troubles. But oddly enough I stuck with it. As a late joiner in the Polaroid game, and having shot the orignal stuff before and wasn’t too impressed I’m surprised I picked it up again with a passion. And fell in love with instant photography. But now with the release of the ColorProtection film all those intial problems…solved. You no longer have to shade right out of the camera, and if the light is dull enough you can watch it develop over time. Personally I still tuck it away for a hour or two while it develops, and wait a good 24 hours before scanning it.

Melody ^_^

When I was in New York City back in October I paid a visit to the Impossible Project space and picked up ten packs of the film, five in the PX70 format and five in PX680. I took two packs of the PX680 along to Ohio this past weekend to make use of the stuff, and was blown away with the results. And I can fully agree this is the best stuff yet! Hopefully in the next year we’ll see the development time go down.

Mother Russia

Until then, if you find your old Polaroid, or see one setting on the shelf of a thrift store or rumage sale, pick it up, get a pack, and be amazed.

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