Back in October when I visited New York City in addition to a plethora of still photography cameras I also took along a super 8 camera, and while in NYC picked up two cartridges of Super8 film, Kodak E100D, and shot them around the city. Once again the footage was out of focus, which I soon found out was due to the camera not my operation of it. Which is a good thing over all. Again I’m rather pleased with how it all turned out.

Now the camera, it sadly lost it’s life after getting hit by a subway (after I had pulled the second cartridge out) so it won’t be bothering me anymore and I’ve already replaced it with a much nicer unit, again a Eumig, a 300/XL with a big bright split screen focus viewfinder. I also picked up the last two caridges of E100D (as Kodak has discontinued this line) from West Camera and plan on shooting it again this summer (maybe Chicago?). I am also looking forward to working with Kodak’s new Super8 stock the Vision3 50T!

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  1. Agreed, this and the other one weren’t as out of focus as I was afraid they would be. Just enough to enhance the vintage feel, not enough to make it completely useless.

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