It’s only 17 days away, and I’m already remembering how much fun I had last year at this awesome event organized by world renound photographer Bill Schwab. I arrived knowing only one person there, fellow FPPer Mat Marash. It was actually Mat who turned me onto Photostock in the first place. Now many people are a little nervous when going to an event for the first time. But let me tell you, you can give those nerves a rest at Photostock, because everyone is really friendly. And I was able to make tonnes of new connections through the event.

Little Waterfall
Some landscaping work found in downtown Harbor Springs

The event is held in Northern Michigan, the town of Harbor Springs, which the location itself gives photographers of every walk of life subjects to shoot. From towns to ruins, wildlife to landscapes. Don’t let the large format cameras bother you, or the skill and quality that comes out in the portfolios and the print exchange, photographers of every skill level are welcomed. And going may result in your own branching out in the photographic journey. When I went last year, I wasn’t developing my own film, let alone doing any work in the darkroom. I only shot medium format, 35mm, and polaroid. My print for the exchange was a lab developed inkjet print from a slide scan, but the man who got it, loved it.

Fort Michilimackinac - 1715-1780
Historic Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinac City.

Now, a year later I’m going back, comfortable in developing my own B&W film of all types, shooting in 4×5, and starting to develop my own colour film. My print this year is a hand crafted silver print from the darkroom. How cool is that? All because I got off my butt, and went to meet up with other crazy photographers up in Northern Michigan. The sunsets have been calling my name, so has the M119, and the general call of adventure, to go bombing around the backroads looking for anything screaming to be photographed. Plus the amazing people to talk to, interact with, and watch at work.

Photostock 2012
Lake Michigan Sunset

Best part about the event, it’s free to attend, you do have to get a hotel room, or camp. Interested? Register Here! Believe me, attending will change your photography if you let it.

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