As the project comes to a close, and the new one is just starting to roll out, I figured I should review the Tri-X project. It has been an interesting time for sure, and yes, rules were broken well mostly, switching over to the FM2 then back to the F3. But overall I learned several things over the course of the project.

1. The FM2 likes a 1/3 stop over exposure in dark situation, and a 1/3 under for bright situations.
2. The F3 is a solid camera, but even it needs to be sent in for service (thank you Nikon!)
3. Tri-X looks fantastic pulled to ASA-200 and developed in HC-110 Dil. E
4. Tri-X looks fantastic pushed to ASA-800 and developed in HC-110 Dil. A
5. I should’ve started pushing and pulling Tri-X sooner.
6. 24 Exposure rolls are your friend.

Now in my previous project I did an overview of all 52 weeks, but one thing I’ve really starting doing a good hard look at is editing my own work. By that I mean really only posting the best in my mind. So now I will reduce it even further and put forward my 10 favourites from the whole year.

400TX:365 - Week 04 - House Hunting
Week 04 – House Hunting

400TX:365 - Week 06 - Transit People
Week 06 – Transit People

400TX:365 - Week 09 - No Theme
Week 09 – No Theme

400TX:365 - Week 22 - Chicago
Week 22 – Chicago

400TX:365 - Week 40 - NY-31
Week 31 – NY-31

400TX:365 - Week 46 - Remember Them
Week 46 – Remember Them

400TX:365 - Week 47 - Chicago II
Week 47 – Chicago II

400TX:365 - Week 49 - The Tactical
Week 49 – The Tactical

400TX:365 - Week 51 - Air Power
Week 51 – Air Power

400TX:365 - Week 52 - All's Quiet on Christmas Day
Week 52 – All’s Quiet on Christmas Day

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  1. I’ve been on a Tri-X kick of late during the winter, pushing it 1600 in Xtol stock. I should try dilution E and pull to 200 ISO in the spring.


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