Ah and sorry about the delay but the V700 scanner I had ordered took a bit to actually come in! So I’m about four weeks behind, but these will come out one a day until I’m caught up then follow a somewhat regular posting schedule.

52:320TXP - Week 01 - The HMC Campus

But let’s get started! This is where I work, the Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) of Sheridan College in Mississauga Ontario. My division within the Information Technology Department, the IT Solutions Center was moved here last April from our old office at Oakville’s Trafalgar Campus. I was initial wary of the move as it really increased my commute time, and more city driving however despite that I’m pretty happy with the new digs. First off…it’s a new place to shoot, although there’s not much TOO shoot around, just a shopping mall, although the curvy condo towers will make a neat subject. The campus has one thing that my old office(s) did not…windows, yes actual natural light floods the campus, even some decent north light!

Modified Anniversary Speed Graphic – Schneider-Kreuznack Angulon 1:6,8/90 – Kodak Tri-X Pan (320TXP)
Metering: Gossen Pilot
1/25″ – f/32 – ASA-320
Kodak Xtol (1+1) 8:30 – Drum Processed

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