While we’re already one month into 2014 we’ve been working hard here at alexluyckx|photography to put together a whole new website. Our old site was designed and built all the way back in 2012, and while it served its purpose, the big thing on the web is change, always change, fresh new content. So here’s a break down of what’s new!

So what’s new at alexluyckx.com??

Simplified Navigation
Services, Portfolios, Projects, Prints (get to that later), the Journal (Blog) are now all at the top next to the logo, the five main reasons I have my site, making it easier to move between these sections. The rest of the site content is on the secondary navigation bar at the bottom. Social media options and a contact email address are now in top bar that’s always at the top.Additionally, no more hunting for services or portfolios on multiple pages, both services and photographic portfolios are on one single page.

New Services
This, this is the part I’m really excited about, we’re pleased to announce two brand new services to the alexluyckx|photography family. Traditional B&W Film developing and printing! Yes, you can now mail your Tri-X, Tmax, HP5, Delta 100 and our team of photographic experts will happily develop your film for you. Want to add some darkroom prints into the mix as well we can do that as well!

New Products!
Fine.Art.Prints. Yes, we’re finally offering for sale a rotating selection of hand-crafted fine art prints from the many adventures our photographers take, all shot on traditional b&w film, hand processed and printed.

Long Live Film!

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  1. Awesome Alex! Seems like 2014 is the year where everyone is starting to sell their prints 🙂 I’m still setting things up on my end.

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