52:320TXP - Week 42 - The Battle

You don’t see a big battle, you hear it.

A 4×5 camera isn’t exact the best camera to capture a military reenactment, but I figured what the heck! Now usually at an event like this I’m out on the field shooting a musket rather than a camera, but when I woke up on the Sunday at the Mississinawa 2014 War of 1812 event and put weight on my ankle, it really wasn’t up to any sort of heavy activity that often accompanies such an event. So I ended up taking photos instead. I setup the camera, focused, metered, loaded the film and waited. And the Sunday morning was fantastic for photos as the smoke just hung on the field from the cannon and small arms fire. I had hopped to catch a bit more movement, but the sun was super bright and event pulling the film and stopping it all the way down, failed to get the effect I was hoping for. Maybe an ND filter would’ve helped.

Pacemaker Crown Graphic – Fuji Fujinon-W 1:56/125 – Kodak Tri-X Pan (320TXP)
Meter: Sektonic L-358
1/4″ – f/64 – ASA-200
Kodak HC-110 Dil. E 6:30 @ 20C

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