In this special bonus episode, an interview with Tim Gilbert of the SP-445 Kickstarter project. In this project, Tim and his team have come up with a new kind of 4×5 development tank that can develop up to 4 sheets at once, with an economical use of chemistry.

This Kickstarter project closes on January 18th,  2016 so you still have time! Check it out!

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  1. The F is a great camera. I love it for its simplicity and smoothness. It is quieter than the F2 which I love too.
    I don’t want to appear pedantic but the F was made until the early 70s
    I prefer the plain prism but as you said they are more expensive than the Photomic prisms! Quite often a prism will cost more than a complete camera. Crazy.
    My favourite PJ Donald McCullin used the F off many years. At one point, I think in Vietnam, his Nikon saved his life when it was hit by a bullet. There’s a picture of it here

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