Along with their wonderful line up of RPX films, the folks over at Rollei have also got some developers specifically for their film. Similar to Kodak’s TMax Developer for their TMax line of films. So as part of my ongoing 52-Roll project I’ve been using the RPX line of films exclusively. So when I saw the RPX-D developer I figured to give it a shot to see if it gives something more to this film that I wasn’t seeing with my usual chemistry. Before I start I was a little disappointed with the developer, specifically because it seems to be a two trick horse, only having times for the RPX 100 and RPX 400 films, and really was more suited for the RPX 400 films and pushing it beyond the ASA-400 box speed.

RPX 100 – I really do like this film, and the RPX-D developer did a good job with it. The contrast was right on point and the film scans were nice and sharp. There was a decrease on the grain when I scanned it as well. But really it wasn’t anything more or less than what I could get out of Xtol or Blazinal with the film.

52:500c - Week 15 - A Fort Named George
Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Distagon 50mm 1:4 – Rollei RPX 100 @ 100 – Rollei RPX-D (1+15) 6:30 @ 20C

52:500c - Week 04 - A Fort for A City
Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Distagon 50mm 1:4 (Yellow Filter) – Rollei RPX 100 @ ASA-100 – Rollei RPX-D (1+15) 6:30 @ 20C

52:500c - Week 03 - In the Darkness Bind Them
Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1:2.8 – Rollei RPX 100 @ ASA-100 Rollei RPX-D (1+15) 6:30 @ 20C

RPX 400 – So the one big issue I have with this film is that it just lacks contrast, sort of like why I’m not a fan of Ilford’s Delta 400. So I was hoping that the RPX-D would bring out a bit more in the film to a point where I preferred it, and you know what, it really did! Both at ASA-400 and ASA-800. However it really didn’t tone down the grain on the film like it claimed and actually softened the film I feel.

52:500c - Week 14 - Just Won't Quit
Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Disagon 50mm 1:4 – Rollei RPX 400 @ ASA-800 – Rollei RPX-D (1+7) 13:00 @ 22C

52:500c - Week 08 - Fort Town
Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1:2.8 – Rollei RPX 400 – Rollei RPX-D (1+11) 11:00 @ 20C

So my final say on this developer is really don’t worry about it. It really doesn’t add anything to the film that you can’t get with your standard developers like Xtol, HC-110, and Blazinal. In fact I’d go as far to say I actually prefer the film in my standard chemicals. But in the end it is all about personal preference. But in the end stick to what you know, and I know that I probably won’t go for any other specific Rollei developers for the rest of the project.


  1. Dear Mr. Luyckx,

    Just a few days ago i read your fantastic test of the Rollei 100 RPX, developed in RPX-D. I always thought that RPX-D was only designed for Rollei 400. You used it in RPX 100. Am I wrong? Could there be made a mistake and you did use Rollei Supergrain or was it indeed RPX-D? And then another question. RPX-D gives the opportunity to push the film. I want to push Rollei Superpan (200 ASA) as 250 ASA (rollfilm). Would that be possible in your opinion.
    Anyway, thanks for your articles. And by the way, excuses for any grammar mistakes, english is not my mothertongue. Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings, Evert Sonneveld. Veghel, The Netherlands.

    1. Author

      Good Morning Mr. Sonneveld,

      RPX-D is specifically designed for both RPX100 and RPX400 films. And it does a good job pushing RPX 400 films. I’ve checked online and found times for Fuji Acros 100 (RIP), Ilford Delta 100, Rollei Retro 80s, Kodak Tri-X, and TMax 400. Sadly no times for Rollei Superpan 200. If you’re planning on pushing Superpan I would recommend using Xtol or Acufine. I hope this helps.

  2. Thank you very much indeed.

    Evert Sonneveld

  3. Dear Mr. Luyckx,

    Thanks for your reply. I do have just one last question. I love to work with the f/16 rule. And my old (big friend) : the Mamiya 645 has only 1/30, 1/60, 1/125 etc. What do you think : Do I “destroy” my RPX100, using RPX-D, using it as ASA 125 ? Or won’t that be a problem. What do you think?
    Dear greetings and remember : english is not my mothertongue,

    Evert Sonneveld.

    1. Author

      Just process RPX 100 as 100 speed even if you’re shooting at 1/125 using Sunny-16 it has enough forgiveness to allow for such a small difference. I’ve shot the film stock all the way down to ASA-32 and gained amazing results!

  4. Mr. Luyckx,

    Thanks again for your help. I am going to try Rollei.

    A wish you a nice day,

    Greetings, Evert

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