Well, I’m pleased to say this will be my third and final update on my Acts of Confederation project. While I haven’t even started posting the photos, I’m confident to say that the images will be starting to hit Flickr in the middle of February. The final roll of film is due to be shot on the 9th of February. Uploading everything will take place in small logical groups, connected by a common theme. Because unlike the War of 1812, so much happened around the province of Ontario and Quebec that were all linked. So I made a point to gather images together in logical groups before uploading.

The Grievances
MacKenzie delivering his Grievance Report to the Upper Canada Parliament.

After my experiences with the War of 1812, I figured this book would be far easier to write, I was wrong! I started strong with the handwritten draft and the first typing. But when it came to editing, I dragged my heels. However, I was inspired by my good friend John Meadows who participated in the NaNoWriMo and wrote a whole novel. So rather than write fiction, I used the encouragement to finish the edit of the second to the third draft. Once that was done, it started moving again. December I was able to quickly reorganise the third draft to comply with my new Chronological flow for the book, which involved a lot of highlighting and copy-and-pasting, and a bit more writing to make it all flow correctly. However, it also presented a whole pile of problems, which required me to do some heavy rewriting. As a result, also to expand upon certain elements, to make the whole thing make sense. Thankfully the major rewrites took place through the second half of Part I and beginning of Part II where my history got rather drunk, and things didn’t make sense. Once I got out of that black hole, things picked up. I also had to move a few things around. Once I got into the Patriot Wars, the need for rewrites and insertions calmed down.

Probably the easiest edit was doing all the highlighting!

As it stands right now, part one covers the period of time from 1814 to 1834, part two goes from 1835 to 1841, part three starts also with 1841 and goes to 1860, and finally part four covers 1860 to 1867. And while some sections cover more prolonged periods of times, while others are shorter, but all contain the same general thematic content. It is far messier than 1812, but this proved a rather messy period of history. War is far easier to write about than politics and rebellion. Thankfully, I managed to keep my sanity throughout the whole writing process mostly because I love to write, and doing things by hand keeps me connected to work.

Yeah I had to be a bit more heavy handed than I first anticipated.

And finally, the book itself, I’ve begun to work on the layout of the book, getting the title plates in place, the wealth of images gathered and edited down to the best ones to include in the book. While the blog posts are flowing from the final manuscript, I hope to have the complete project released in book form before the summer. Creating a book is far more difficult especially cutting up the document to fit the layout and include the images. At least it’s not physically being laid out and all done on a computer. It’s been a short update, but one that is far better and full of hope than the first two, because the first post is coming soon!

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