Established in 2013 by MainStreetHost and taken on by Alex Luyckx Photography in 2015, #photochat is a community of photography professionals and enthusiasts who congregate to talk shop and discuss anything and everything photography. To participate in our weekly chat (every Thursday at 1:00pm) search the #photochat hashtag to see the conversation, or find me at @AlexLuyckxPhoto on Twitter for more info. Be sure to include the hashtag in your tweets to answer the questions and talk with the other participants.

If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in #photochat, hop onto Facebook, Twitter, or good old fashioned Email and let me know!

The Topic for Thursday 28 January 2021 is about Better Living Through Chemistry!

Question 1 – How are you getting your film processed these days?
Question 2 – What is your goto chemical(s) for processing?
Question 3 – Are there any developers you’re looking to try this year?
Question 4 – Have you come across a developer that you don’t like?
Question 5 – Share any photos that you processed yourself!

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