Week Three is dedicated to my Dad and to Mary-Irene. Mary Irene I first met on twitter as one of the social media gals from the Eastman Kodak company, we met for lunch back in August when I was in Rochester and she was the first person outside of my circle of photography friends to hear about this project, she has since moved on to work for Toys R Us, so this is the perfect blend, her past job at Kodak (Tri-X), and her new job (Toys). The weather report was saying that the weekend was going to be dull and rainy, so I reallyRead More →

Located in the shadows of condo towers, the gentle rumble of traffic along the Gardiner Expressway lays Fort York, one of the few reminders to Toronto’s colonial past as muddy York, the seat of government for Upper Canada. For those who have been following my other photography project related to the War of 1812 have already seen this particular location so I took a different spin, rather than capturing wider angle shots I focused more on the fort’s details. Fort York was established in 1793 under the orders of John Graves Simcoe, and built by the Queen’s York Rangers. In April of 1813 American shipsRead More →

At the foot of Trafalgar Road is one of my two favourite locations in the town of Oakville, the downtown. Located along the old Highway 2, now Lakeshore Road is dotted with boutique stores, coffee shops and high-end restaurants. The snow and bright sun only made the place that much better in my view as I took a cold walk through not only the main street but the side streets that run down to the lake, taking in again the century homes, the small frame ones to grand brick manor homes, reminders of Oakville’s past, and current wealth in the area. Nikon F3 – AI-SRead More →