This is a beast of camera. I mean I thought that lugging around a 4×5 was crazy, the GX680iii is just nuts. This camera would feel more at home in a studio than in the field. But I often find studio work boring. But as a system camera it is incredible, a couple it with excellent Fuji glass on the front and you have a power camera that gives you the flexibility of large format with the convenience of roll film. Special Thanks to James Lee for loaning me the camera for this review. Despite being a studio camera it came out on a hike!Read More →

Olympus seems to have a way of creating cult cameras and the Trip 35 is no different, this is a fantastic compact and fully automated camera that can fit in a pocket or bag. But don’t let the size give it away, the Trip 35 produces fantastic sharp images mostly thanks to the fantasic Zuiko lens. It’s a great way to get quality images in a compact camera. The Dirt Maker: Olympus Model: Trip 35 Type: 35mm Point & Shoot Zone Focus Lens: Fixed, Olympus D.Zuiko f=40mm 1:2.8 (Tessar Design) Year of Manufacture: 1967-1984 The Good No batteries here, the fully automated system can beRead More →

There aren’t many cameras out there that I’ve picked up and loved right off the bat. In fact I could probably count them all on just one hand. Oddly enough they’re all from the Nikon F series. The Nikon F2 Photomic (pronounced Pho-Tom-ick) is one such camera. This workhorse professional camera from the 1970s was the popular update from the original Nikon F, an all mechanical wonder that continued to be produced and sought after even after the electronic replacement Nikon F3 was released, and today remains a popular camera. This camera will take anything you throw at it and give you beautiful photos inRead More →

To start it off, let me just say that I’m a Nikon guy and have very little experience with Canon gear. That being said, I’m rather a big fan of this camera after shooting it. It gives any photographer a very pleasing experience. Easy to handle and easy to use. And while it does require a battery, it makes for a great student camera with full automatic mode and manual settings. The Canon AE-1 Program with an older Breach-Lock 50mm f/1.4 lens that I got with a Canon F-1 The Dirt Maker: Canon Model: AE-1 Program Type: 35mm Single Lens Reflex Lens: Interchangeable, Canon FDRead More →

This is the ultimate in twin lens cameras, the famous Rolleiflex’s were the very best when it came to fixed lens TLR cameras, and mine is no different. A constant favourite that often gets dragged along on my many travels and adventures and really the only top down cameras that I can use comfortably. To make it even better I’m the second owner of this beauty. The Rolleiflex in all its glory, one of the five cameras that I can say I loved at first use The Dirt Maker: Franke & Heidecke Model: Rolleiflex 2,8F K7F3 Type: 120/220 Twin Lens Reflex Lens: Fixed, Carl ZeissRead More →

Accept no copy, the one the only, the iconic camera that started out life as the bargain model that featured the the new K-Mount (Introduced in 1975), but has since gained greater popularity, and the camera you most likely used in your High School Photography Course, is the Pentax K1000. This all mechanical marvel is the essential student camera and general beater that can be used pretty much anywhere in the world today! The wide range of top quality lenses and ease of use saw it named the Film Photography Project’s Camera of the Year for 2014 and after having several pass in and outRead More →

The Nikon F4 was the first of Nikon’s modern professional cameras, coming from a long line of professional 35mm bodies that date back to the 1950s with the original Nikon F. The camera can only be described as a ‘workhorse’ in my books, and is one of my favourite cameras to use and generally a go-to for me especially paired with the powerful AF DC-Nikkor 105mm 1:2D lens, which was used for this review. With it’s ultra-quiet shutter this is my usual camera for street photography despite it’s general presence in a person’s hands. The Nikon F4s in all it’s glory equipped with a AFRead More →