This was my fourth time attending the annual reenactment of the Siege of Fort Erie, it was probably one of the best I have been to yet! All the forces both Crown and US were in top shape this year, plus the sheer number of people watching and those marching was spectacular. Historically the events that lead up to the siege started on July 3rd 1814 when American Forces captured the fort from British Defenders. But it wasn’t until August 13th, 1814 that British forces under General Drummond opened fire. However it was his night attempt at taking back the fort that forced a failure.Read More →

It’s that time of year again to reenact the battle and camp out at Canada’s Bloodiest battlefield. Both US and Crown Forces were in top shape this year! Featured this post is the Fighting 60th, or rather 7th Battalion 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot, No. 6 Company. The 7th Battalion was formed of mostly German POWs who had been forced to fight for Napoleon over in Europe, but rather than languish in jail the British formed them into a unit specializing in light infantry tactics. The 7th Battalion No. 6 Company wore the rifle green of a rifle unit, however they were armed withRead More →

Going a little crazy for week 31…. In a recent trip to Toronto’s Lomography store I came across their Fisheye camera, a cheap plastic fisheye lens camera, and compared to other cameras they have so I picked it up, having caught the toy camera bug from my Holga (c/o the FPP). The results were well interesting to say the least, I was literally just shooting from the hip, not bothering with any rules or that nonsense, just going out and photographing for the sake of photographing. Lomography Fisheye (Version 1) – Fuji Superia X-Tra 400Read More →

After the adventures in Week 29 through Northern Ontario, Week 30 saw me still up in Northern Ontario on Manitoulin Island, rather than take the northern route and Highway 69 I chose to take the MS Chi-Cheemaun from South Baymouth across Georgian Bay to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. The Chi-Cheemaun is the current ferry operating between the mainland and the island, one in a long line of ships that have taken the route. The Chi-Cheemaun sailing into the South Baymouth Port. The joys of driving a compact car, is that we’re often one of the first loaded, giving us a view of the lastRead More →

Spending a Week up in Northern Ontario makes it hard to choose just seven photos to convey the entire week. There’s so much beauty up there. My trip took me up through North Bay, Temagami, Cobalt, Kirkland Lake, Timmins, Sudbury, and South Baymouth before returning home. So without further words on my part, let’s see here. North Bay, and the gateway to the North. From here on out the distances between towns become longer, and the roads lonelier. The Little town of Temagami as viewed from the top of an old MNR Fire watch tower, now open to the public as a great viewing platform.Read More →

Again, off next week and since I already have the photos posted, how about a double bill! (I’ll probably be dead tired when I get back from the camping trip next week so rather than posting something half-assed, do it now when I still am in good form. Week 28…Sanitariums and Chocolate…film that is. Yes, I took one of my awesome Polaroids on an exploration trip to the Muskoka Regional Centre up in Gravenhurst, first time taking a pack film camera out exploring but when you get a complete kit including a release cable…it was just begging to. I was torn between taking the wonderfulRead More →

Early post since I’ll be away from the Interwebs for the next week starting Saturday so rather than deprive you readers of the weekly batch of photos how about an early post. Week 27 I took a drive, after spending Canada Day with my lovely and talented friend Sarah at the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture (featured back in week 24). I started the trip after a wonderful lunch in downtown Niagara Falls (Not the tourist trap of Cliffton Hill) at the Falls, I wanted to get a shot of falls but there were so many people and I wasn’t going to fight my wayRead More →

The half way point already, can you believe it! And the project is still going strong! Week 26 is dedicated to two awesome friends of mine, Jay and Kat, who have opened my eyes to the wonder that is rail and transit systems. Something I’ve always been interested in, but they’re both just over the top, but in a good way. So I present to you the Halton County Radial Railroad museum, celebrating light and electric rail systems from the region. Located just on the outskirts of Milton they have a massive collection of both working and under restoration rolling stock from across the country,Read More →

Before Polaroid stopped making film I picked up one of their 600 type cameras on a whim and bought the last two packs of Polaroid film from Henry’s. I shot one pack and went ‘meh’ then Polaroid stopped making film. Of course at the time I wasn’t too concerned, I was still very much wrapped up in my digital cameras, and I had a few 35mm bodies hanging around that I was more than happy to try out. Of course then I started listening to The Film Photography Podcast, and they were talking about The Impossible Project, how these men had bought the last PolaroidRead More →

And now for something completely different. After weeks and weeks of black and white and very harsh subjects how about some colour! Flowers for week 24, specifically the ones found in the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. I was on my way back from a week long road trip through the US and stopped in to say hi to the wonderful and talented Sarah who is currently a student at the School of Horticulture and while waiting for her I took a wander through the gardens which had bloomed rather nicely since I was last there back in March. So I used my recently returned toRead More →