There’s always something particularly exciting about starting up a new project. A Faded Glory is a small project on railroad history here in Ontario, as my earlier project on the Welland Canal grew out of my 1867 project. But telling the entire history of the railroad is something that would probably take a great deal of travel and at least a decade to complete in a full and proper manner. And there have been others with more interest and insight than I who have completed such lengthy projects. And honestly, as much as the railroad is fascinating, I’m not a fanatic when it comes toRead More →

Here we are at the end of another year! While 2021 was significantly better than 2020, we still have a long way to go, but things certainly were looking brighter (not so much now)! And while I certainly did not get all I wanted to in for 2021 mainly because of continued restrictions throughout the first part of the year, I am happy with the amount of work I did, and I’m rather pleased with what I did do this year. Project Work For 2021 I brought back one of the first formats of photography projects I ever did, the fifty-two roll project. Where IRead More →