It finally happened, we’ve gone and branched into the wonderful world of large format photography! So what is large format, well for the most part we’ve been discussing cameras that take roll film, that is 35mm and medium format, large format cameras for the most part take sheet film, measured in inches rather than millimeters or centimeters. Cameras featured on Today’s Show… Speed Graphic: the classic press camera the Speed Graphic has a focal plane shutter that allows for press photographers to shoot quickly using a film magazine. Crown Graphic: the cousin of the Speed Graphic, the only real difference is that the Crowns doRead More →

Most every photographer I know has done some sort of project, I’ve done a good three projects myself. Some over the course of a single year others have lasted several years to see completion. As with any project some will succeed, others will fail. Hopefully I can give some good suggestions to help your photography project succeed by drawing on my own successes and how I went about them. 1. Keep It Interesting Just like anything, you’ll find you do your best work when you focus on something that you’re interested in. If you have no interest in photographing portraits, or doing street photography, there’sRead More →

When you think of Niagara Falls, especially the tourist areas like Cliffton Hill and Lundy’s Lane one of the last things you think is a historic battleground. Today there’s an arch over Lundy’s Lane announcing what it is, but for the most part, it’s places like Fort George, Fort Erie, and Queenston Heights that get all the glory. But in 1814 a bloody battle at the cemetery on Lundy’s Lane changed the course of the American 1814 summer offensive. It was the turning point of the whole matter, and it didn’t go too well for the Americans after that. A memorial arch across Lundy’s LaneRead More →