It’s funny, Toronto has the hustle and bussle, but it’s downtown Hamilton that I like more. Probably, as my friend Kathy pointed out on Flickr, it’s because despite it’s size, Hamilton’s downtown feels more like a small town than Toronto does. Sure there’s a handful of skyscrapers, Stelco Tower for example, but there’s not a canyon like you find along Bay Street in TO. Hamilton still maintains many of it’s historic buildings (well most of them…if you see a random parking lot, good chance that used to be a historic building). Despite the many years of decline the downtown is starting to come back itRead More →

Back in October when I visited New York City in addition to a plethora of still photography cameras I also took along a super 8 camera, and while in NYC picked up two cartridges of Super8 film, Kodak E100D, and shot them around the city. Once again the footage was out of focus, which I soon found out was due to the camera not my operation of it. Which is a good thing over all. Again I’m rather pleased with how it all turned out. Now the camera, it sadly lost it’s life after getting hit by a subway (after I had pulled the secondRead More →

At the foot of Trafalgar Road is one of my two favourite locations in the town of Oakville, the downtown. Located along the old Highway 2, now Lakeshore Road is dotted with boutique stores, coffee shops and high-end restaurants. The snow and bright sun only made the place that much better in my view as I took a cold walk through not only the main street but the side streets that run down to the lake, taking in again the century homes, the small frame ones to grand brick manor homes, reminders of Oakvilleā€™s past, and current wealth in the area. Nikon F3 – AI-SRead More →

The Church of the Holy Trinity is one of the more unique churches I have visited, next to the round church on Manitoulin Island. The reason I say this church is unique is because you don’t just walk past it on the street, you really have to seek it out. Also known as Little Trinity Church, the building is tucked rather out of the way in its own little square near the Dundas Street end of Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre. Surrounded by glass skyscrapers and the massive mall, it’s a little piece of the 19th century that’s still making it known in the city. Providing helpRead More →

I had gotten a grand total of three hours sleep before my alarm clock woke me up. But I knew there was some strange reason I had done this to myself. So by five in the morning I was back on the road again aiming myself into Toronto. I reached Polson Pier just before six. The wind and cold was wicked that morning. My iPhone told me it was -10C. I quickly setup my camera at the edge of the pier, two huge cargo ships were busy getting loaded. But my interest was in the Toronto skyline. The sky was still dark, no sign ofRead More →

Finding myself back in Ohio I took a break from the long drive home to stop off in the city of Findlay, home of the university where we had a day earlier gone to a Polaroid Party. I had seen the downtown from the photos taken during the FPP mid-west meetup a meetup I sadly was unable to attend, so I made a point to stop off this time. Spent some time at Imagine That, and even ran into a friend and inspiration Mat Marash while enjoying lunch at a local pub. Nikon F4 – AF Nikkor 35mm 1:2D – Kodak Portra 160Read More →

New York City The Big Apple NYC A city this big cannot be covered in just one week, so I gave it two. Also because I did not actually have a post ready for Week 41 since I was still in the US and did not have the film for that week processed, I probably could have done it, but I don’t know any labs in NY/NJ that could do it for me, so I waited until I got back to Canada. I went through so much film over the course of my time down there, most of which has yet to be scanned, soRead More →