At the beginning of this project, I asked the question where is home? And through these weeks I have shared with you the places and stories in Milton, but I have left this building until last. And with good reason, this is my home today. It might not look like much, but home is so much more than a big fancy building or lots of space. Home is where you choose to make it and who you choose to make it with. And while some days I feel like the walls of the condo are closing it, there is no place I’d rather be rightRead More →

Okay, so things are weird right now, nothing seems right, days, time, rules all have no meaning anymore. But there is one thing that has kept me going, and that is my photography. When I learned that there would be an FP4Party is June, I felt pleased. Sadly the party never came into being, but that didn’t stop me from having a party for one. I had to come up with some sort of idea of what I would do for the party. Thankfully I had a couple of rolls of Ilford FP4+ in medium format hanging around from a project that never got offRead More →

Then there’s times when the shot of the week comes just when you walk out of work and you see a stunning blue sky with white clouds scudding by. But there are so many condos rising above your head that you can’t shoot without getting them. But such is a fact when living and working in the Greater Toronto Area…Condo Life. These vertical residences that seem to grow overnight and are slowly dominating the skyline. Modified Anniversary Speed Graphic – Kodak Ektar f:7.7 203mm (Red-25) – Kodak Tri-X Pan (320TXP) Meter: Pentax Spotmeter V 1/5″ – f/45 – ASA-320 Kodak TMax Developer (1+4) 8:00 @Read More →