Putting up week 15 a bit early as I leave next Tuesday for a trip down through the US for a week, with the possibility of a guest camera appearance for Week 16! With spring here that means that it’s the start of hiking season, and my area of the province has some wonderful trails and conservation areas to enjoy. But the last vestages of winter are still clinging to the ground. Limehouse Conservation Area is no different, as I was setting up this shot I fell into a snow bank, the camera thankfully was saved, but I was a little damp on the backside.Read More →

Ah Belfountain, after finding out about this place through fellow photographer Bill Smith, it soon became a favourite spot of mine to take a nice winter’s walk. Thinking I’d have a nice sunny afternoon I heading out for the hour drive north. Sadly it was all cloudy by the time I got there, so rather than blow a roll of slide film in such dull light, I only took my trusty Nikon FM2 and one of my last rolls of Agfa APX100. This time I also took a walk up into the village of Belfountain as well to grab some shot there before retiring toRead More →

Through most of January my part of Ontario had been denied a proper winter, so when I had the urge to go out and shoot in the snow I decided to head a little further North to the little town of Belfountain. I had been tipped off to a conservation area by a fellow photographer Bill Smith and decided to check it out for myself. I saw a couple people when I first got to the park but for a majority of my time there it was blissfully empty. Photography has always been a solo thing for me, so being able to enjoy the snowRead More →