It’s not often that something new hits the market, especially something that comes out of Canada. If you haven’t heard of Flic Film, that’s okay; I only recently discovered this Canadian film lab out of Alberta late in 2021. They mainly focus on selling rebranded motion picture films, the Eastman Vision3 series and Eastman Double-X; they have a chemistry production side. But there’s a twist with their chemistry; they’re working on making it more environmentally safe. And that should come as no surprise given they are based out of Alberta with many rural properties and reliance on septic systems. And that is where Black/White &Read More →

When it comes to film, one of the main reasons it hangs on is thanks to the motion picture industry. And many of the films we love today are based on these cine-films. But when it comes to using these films designed for motion pictures in our still cameras, there is a bit of extra work to be done. Sure you can just load up a roll of Eastman Double-X and develop in regular B&W developers. But the colour film, the Vision3 line, is a whole other kettle of fish. First and foremost in everyone’s mind is the remjet layer, a special carbon-based backing thatRead More →

When it comes to folding cameras, not all cameras are created equal. Many are simply box cameras dressed up with some bellows, while others have full on rangefinders and exposure control. While the Voigtländer Bessa is not top dog, it certainly is a little more usable than a simple box. The Bessa is a step up from a simple box but lacks a rangefinder to couple the manual focus. Couple this with a solid lens, with a full range of aperture and shutter speeds, makes this a solid choice if you’re looking for a folder. The Bessa is a long line of folding cameras thatRead More →

I’m a fan of craft beer, and plays on old cop show titles. I found myself in Toronto, so I decided that despite the cold I would lug my 4×5 all the way to the Distillery Disctrict (which is nothing considering Mat dragged his 8×10 there a couple years ago now). Since it was around lunch I decided to check out the Mill Street Brewpub. Now I had stopped in before for a pint and apps, but never for a full meal. I was not disappointed in either the beer or the food. It’s some place I will for sure be going back to! ModifiedRead More →

The former Gooderham And Worts distillery in Toronto, ON was founded in 1832 and by 1860 became the largest distillery in the world. At their peek they were producing 7.6 million liters of whiskey for the world market. Production of whiskey continued here well into the late 20th century despite Gooderham And Worts being bought out twice over the course of their operations. But with the de-industrialization of the area continued in the late 20th century, the distillery was closed in 1990. The distillery having been registered as a National Historic Site in 1988 saved the area, but lack of funds prevented restoration and preservationRead More →

So for the past 17 weeks, each week has been about one camera, and one type of film…so why not celebrate film shooting, and more specifically the April 30th Film Photography Podcast and APUG meet up in Toronto’s Distillery District that I organized. The meet itself was an amazing success, I was very pleased with the turn out, about 20 people showed up and the weather was spectacular! (I had the sunburn on my face to prove it the next day). I was still recieving compliments this past Sunday at the PHSC fair. Canon AE-1 Program – Canon FD Lens 50mm 1:1.8 – Kodak EktarRead More →