Taking advantage of the wonderful video work from last year’s Mid-Atlantic Meet-up (MAMU) IV, I pieced together my own video of the event. Digital video has always been a weak spot for me, I look and the files and go “okay, now what” but this time it all fell into place after I found the right backing track. I guess all my work in Super 8 editing is starting to pay off. If you watch on YouTube you can view it in glorious 720p HD video! Just think, MAMU V is in a couple months!Read More →

It was back when I was still in college and would take back roads to and from the school from my home town of Milton, there were about ten abandoned farmhouses along these roads, and one day I just decided to stop and poke my head into them, and decided to bring along my camera, at that time a Minolta SRT-102 loaded with cheap Fuji Superia film. Well as many who know me I’ve gone far beyond exploring houses, so much so that I find them kinda boring these days. But when a new to the community explorer invited me along, I wasn’t going toRead More →