Thinking back to what could have been, I remember when I first got into film photography, photography in general and happened across Minolta. The SR-T 102, Hi-Matic 7s, even the X-7a, but I wanted to make the jump to autofocus. I was in a local bargain shop and happened across an open box, the Maxxum 7. It didn’t come with a lens and was well outside my price range. And now that I know more about that shop, it was probably hot also. I ended up switching to Nikon. But here it is now, the Minolta Maxxum 7, what many online sites describe as theRead More →

Earlier this year Ilford teased us with a simple way to get into home black & white developing. Now as a long-time home developer I knew right off the mark that the pack is not aimed at photographers like me. I had no intention of trying it out because of that fact, but when I saw that my local dealer, I mean camera store, Burlington Camera & Digital had them for sale, I knew I had to give it a go. Even if it was just for writing about it here and discussing it on a future Classic Camera Revival episode. The box is attractiveRead More →

So I’ve managed to shoot through my brick of JCH Streetpan 400 film and feel I’m good to begin writing an in-depth review of the film. I’m going to start off with saying that this is a fantastic film! Well worth the time and effort that Bellamy has put into researching, marketing, and tweaking to suit his amazing photography and now has taken the bold step in bringing it to the rest of us. You will have probably heard a lot of negative press related to this film, even recently someone put a comment on one of my Streetpan images to a video review ofRead More →

Perceptol was great, especially on the classic grained film, but how about something a little more economical that would last more than a handful of rolls enter Ilfosol 3. Ilfosol 3 was the one developer that I actually had some experience with being the first developer I tried out after Kodak D-76. According to the Ilford site it is a liquid developer designed for one-shot use with their slower films (Delta 100, FP4+, and Pan F+). And from what I had experienced it works well with those films! So I was generally happy to have this be the developer for the summer quarter of theRead More →

Don’t let the top fool you, the Contax G2 isn’t actually made by the famous German camera manufacture that produced the same cameras that Robert Capa took with him during the Operation Overlord landings at Normandy, better known as D-Day. While proudly saying Contax, it’s actually manufactured under licence by the Japanese firm Kyocera. But the Contax G2 does hold one thing above any other rangefinders out there, it is one of two autofocus rangefinders ever produced, the other one is the previous G1 model. There are some out there that say that the G series aren’t true rangefinders, and they do have a point.Read More →

The F-1 was Canon’s response to the Nikon F line and the direct competitor to the Nikon F2. The first in a long line of trusted professional SLR system cameras the F-1 is a rugged mechanical beast that today is fairly forgotten with many prefering to work with modern EOS cameras for lens compatablities. While a camera I don’t take out that much because I prefer to work with Nikon systems. The F-1 is a solid mechanical camera that would, if not for the price tag, be a good learner camera. The F-1 certainly cuts a nice figure The Dirt Maker: Canon Model: F-1 Type:Read More →

Agh, I’ve been remiss on posting more from the Photostock Event back in June of this year and for that I apologize, but things went straight down the tubes after photostock and I’ve been running at a million kilometers per hour since, and still haven’t stopped. But anyways I’ll get some more photostock up here over this week. Anyways onto the actual content. The M119 is a unique roads, it’s clasified as a state highway but is far from it, a national historic senic route runs from just outside the village of Harbor Springs to Cross Village, at Photostock I took the oppurtunity to driveRead More →

The first of many posts about the amazing mid-summer meetup I attended in northern Michigan. The event is called Photostock and hosted/organized by world renowned photographer Bill Schwab, who despite his world renownedness is a really cool down to earth humble guy who just wants to get other photographers inspired. And inspire me it did, to get back into the chemicals and restart developing my own black and white film, and to print…printing will come later, but I did find a place nearby that has rentable darkrooms so I will be printing again soon! But anyways, first, more Photostock. The event is held in theRead More →