Again, off next week and since I already have the photos posted, how about a double bill! (I’ll probably be dead tired when I get back from the camping trip next week so rather than posting something half-assed, do it now when I still am in good form. Week 28…Sanitariums and Chocolate…film that is. Yes, I took one of my awesome Polaroids on an exploration trip to the Muskoka Regional Centre up in Gravenhurst, first time taking a pack film camera out exploring but when you get a complete kit including a release cable…it was just begging to. I was torn between taking the wonderfulRead More →

Over the family day long weekend myself a several friends took a trip out to the Ottawa area for a weekend of exploring and pubbing (which does really only require two nights in Smiths Falls, since there are only two good pubs in the town, the Kilt and Castle and the Rob Roy both are excellent). And well you who know me well knew that this week was coming, the theme for week 8 is Abandoned…(the truth is you’ll probably see this theme pop up a couple more times over the course of the year). The subject, is an abandoned prison, opened in 1949 andRead More →