When I first learned about the RPX line of film I was pretty excited, these days we often get news of discontinuation of films more than the addition of a new film stock. I was also excited when I learned that these would be the modern reincarnation of the legendary Agfa APX films and what a return to the photographic stage. Now these films are produced by Agfa but marketed under the Rollei Name. So with my on going 52-Roll project just past the halfway mark I figured now would be a time to give them a bit of a review! So to kick itRead More →

This year it was a real shame that Polaroid Week just snuck up on me. It serves me right for not watching social media a little more closely. But I still managed to get out on the last day to get some Instant film shooting in. This year I was sort of limited. My wonderful Automatic Land Camera Model 250 has a dead battery and I didn’t have time to fix it up with the AAA battery fix. Also I didn’t get in any order from Impossible to run my Spectra (the only Integral Polaroid I have working), and didn’t get a couple packs ofRead More →

Anyone who’s ever looked into ‘getting into’ large format photography can be pretty intimidated, I know I was when I first picked up a Speed Graphic in Rochester. But since then it’s become pretty natural for me. I no longer use that beat up Speed Graphic, it died part way through my 52-sheet project last year and was soon replaced with a very nice Crown Graphic. I then started to hear about a new player on the block, coming out of England from the Interpid Camera Co. I started following them on their various social media accounts hoping for something big. And sure enough, somethingRead More →