One of the more interesting urban legends and mysteries of the Anglo-American War of 1812 is Bakus Mills. Unlike similar mills across the western part of Upper Canada, Bakus survived. While many other mills at Port Dover, Port Reyes, and Malcolm’s Mills saw destruction in the last part of the war at the hands of American raiders. These mills despite the threat of raids continued to provide much-needed food supplies to the British front line in the Niagara Region. The Backhouse Homestead, Prospect Hill, while not the original home of the family this was built later in the 19th-Century. Anniversary Speed Graphic – Kodak EktarRead More →

I love wandering around historic sites, especially when they’re closed for the season, you don’t have to worry about children running around and getting into your shots, over protective parents worried about the young man with the massive backpack filled with four cameras, and the staff also wondering what I was doing with an old Speed Graphic press camera (let alone having to describe it to everyone there as you’re trying to line up your very first large format photo). It was also the one thing I was a little worried about because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get too close toRead More →