In the category of gone too soon is New55 and their amazing film stock, Atomic-X. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve spoken on Atomic-X when they first started releasing just their negative material for their revival attempt at the iconic Polaroid Type 55, I grabbed a box of one-shot envelopes to try out. The Atomic-X negative was in reality based around their goal of a Postive/Negative material, however, when I tried the New55 PN I got no usable results, the envelopes fell apart on me or the chemicals failed to spread it just became a disaster. But when they offered up 25-sheet boxes ofRead More →

Anyone who’s ever looked into ‘getting into’ large format photography can be pretty intimidated, I know I was when I first picked up a Speed Graphic in Rochester. But since then it’s become pretty natural for me. I no longer use that beat up Speed Graphic, it died part way through my 52-sheet project last year and was soon replaced with a very nice Crown Graphic. I then started to hear about a new player on the block, coming out of England from the Interpid Camera Co. I started following them on their various social media accounts hoping for something big. And sure enough, somethingRead More →

For those who don’t know who New55 is let me give you a brief run down. It all started with Polaroid, in the not so distant past Polaroid produced a beautiful instant film material in 4×5 single-shot sheets called Type 55. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting this material and still have one box left that I really should buckle down a shoot, but anyways. Type 55 was a unique animal among the Polaroid products in that it produced both a positive instant print similar to what you’d get from a Type 100 camera but it would also produce a usable negative that could beRead More →