I remember the first time I encountered a box of Panatomic-X and seeing the film seep of ASA-32, my mind was blown. I had never seen a film slower than ASA-50 (Pan F+). And then I sent it off to the lab to develop it and was even more amazed at the results. Panatomic-X is a fine-grained general purpose film and it seems the slowest of the X-Series of films (Plus-X, Tri-X, Double-X). And what a film Panatomic-X is, while some are hung up on Plus-X, which is itself an amazing film, I’m more a slow film junkie and enjoy Panatomic-X far more than Plus-X.Read More →

And Half Way Through! How about that? It seemed appropriate to bookend the wonderful 2013 Photostock event with Weeks 25 and 26. I stopped off early in the morning to stroll through the wonderfully quiet downtown of Petoskey, Michigan. Set on Little Traverse Bay the town has a lovely late 19th/early 20th century historic downtown that spreads out over several streets, plus a lovely marina onto the blue waters of Lake Michigan. After the whirlwind see-all-the-things Photostock this year, a quiet solo photowalk was exactly what I needed. And as an added plus, the downtown was empty, I saw only four other people, and onlyRead More →