It wouldn’t be a 52-roll project for me without a wedding (the first time I did this there were actually two weddings included in the project). but it’s much easier to do when you’re the guest, so I happily shot away (with the blessing of the bride) with my FM2 from the pews and the reception halls. At least the best I could…as soon as I got to the church I quickly realized after talking to the official photographer that ISO-400 was not going to cut it. So what was I going to do? I mean I set myself a goal to do everything consistently,Read More →

The Numbers match. I can’t believe it, fifty-two weeks of analog, an entire year, 365 images posted to the blog for the project…I feel…sucessful, I actually did it. Yet, oddly sad the project is done. In it’s own way, it was…fun, not a burden. So to end it off I ventured out into the cold night and wandered through downtown Milton, had to give my hometown the final spot in the project. Milton’s downtown features all those wonderful late 19th century early 20th century buildings and thankfully many still standing however there are a lot still missing. Being Christmas Eve I took in some decorationsRead More →

Before Polaroid stopped making film I picked up one of their 600 type cameras on a whim and bought the last two packs of Polaroid film from Henry’s. I shot one pack and went ‘meh’ then Polaroid stopped making film. Of course at the time I wasn’t too concerned, I was still very much wrapped up in my digital cameras, and I had a few 35mm bodies hanging around that I was more than happy to try out. Of course then I started listening to The Film Photography Podcast, and they were talking about The Impossible Project, how these men had bought the last PolaroidRead More →