And Half Way Through! How about that? It seemed appropriate to bookend the wonderful 2013 Photostock event with Weeks 25 and 26. I stopped off early in the morning to stroll through the wonderfully quiet downtown of Petoskey, Michigan. Set on Little Traverse Bay the town has a lovely late 19th/early 20th century historic downtown that spreads out over several streets, plus a lovely marina onto the blue waters of Lake Michigan. After the whirlwind see-all-the-things Photostock this year, a quiet solo photowalk was exactly what I needed. And as an added plus, the downtown was empty, I saw only four other people, and onlyRead More →

Having a free Saturday, which in the summer does not happen to me often, and itching to take a drive I decided to visit some place new. I pulled out an old road map of southern Ontario and dropped my finger blind onto it, then opened my eyes and drew a line to the nearest town. That town ended up being Wiarton, Ontario. Now I had drive through Wiarton before, stopping once (just for gas) but had never actually stopped and looked around. Wiarton at first glace could be one of the many small towns you’d find along the old King’s Highway system, mostly lateRead More →

Week 21 is dedicated to LeAnn who suggested I stop in at Crown Point’s historic downtown on my way to visit the Tippecanoe battlefield and Purdue University. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Lake County Courthouse that dominated the historic downtown of Crown Point as I drove into town, along with my favourite late 19th/early 20th century construction along the square. Shops, and lots of antique stores lined the square. The courthouse, constructed in 1878 by prominent Chicago architect J. C. Cochran is nicknamed “The Grand Old Lady” is a unique blend of Romanesque and Georgian Architectural styles. The new courthouse replaced an olderRead More →

I seem to be going on a small town kick for this project. Week 15 brought be out to St. Jacobs. After an early start to the day and a run up to Lindsay to pick up a puppy with my friend Nicole I headed out to the Kitchener-Waterloo area for a friend’s stag-and-doe. But I took some extra time to head up to St. Jacobs. I usually stick to the area around the Highway as that’s where there’s this awesome antique store. But I never ventured into the historic downtown. Like many towns that grew up in this part of Ontario it was basedRead More →

Note to Self: When wanting to reuse fixer, mix a stronger dilution. Oops. Yeah, I fixed this roll of film in exhausted fixer so lets say that the results were well interesting, but with a bit of work in Photoshop I was able to recover some images, but the contrast just wasn’t there that I’m used to in Tri-X. But I had to post them anyways. Today we visit the small village of Ancaster located in the shadow of the Niagara Escarpment. I took a break from the family Easter dinner to wander the historic downtown. The main draw for me was the historic mill,Read More →

Situated high above the rushing waters of the grand river sits the tiny town of Elora Ontario. And in all my time living in the area I’ve never actually visited the small town. But taking advantage of a cold bright Monday morning (we had a long weekend here) I drove the hour or so north to visit the town. I was inspired to visit here after seeing an entry in the recent contest for the Milton Camera club of an old mill on a river. I wanted to see this place for myself. I was plesently surprised I have to say. The local residents whoRead More →

Week 3 was originally supposed to be using the Rolleiflex and some Fuji Astia at the University of Waterloo. However I learned that shooting a TLR handheld…not a wise idea when shooting at 1/60 of a second or less. You will get camera shake…and out of focus images. So frankly I did not want to post those images. But! I had shot a second roll of film so the project was saved! So Week 3 was on winter drives and small towns. The small village of Erin as my subject. Having driven through it many times over the past couple years I decided to finallyRead More →