Dreaming in Black & White. It’s funny how sometimes the picture comes to me when I’m at the location, and sometimes it’s just there in my head. A lot of this project has been pre-planning locations and sometimes it works out and I take the shot, other times it just happens, and then still it comes to me well before hand. For Doors Open Toronto I had a couple of possible locations that could’ve served for Week 22, one being the gorgeous RC Harris Water Treatment plant, but I really had no desire to drive out to Scarborough, then find a place there to parkRead More →

Apologies for the delay in posting this, this past week was ‘Roid Week, so I was focused on getting the daily shots posted. This little white clapboard church sits at the end of a road in the town of Wallacetown, Ontario, south of Dutton, a good 15 minute drive from the 401. St. Peter’s Anglican Church is one of the oldest continually operating church in southwest Ontario, having been in this same building since it’s construction in 1827, only the H.M. Chapel of the Mohawks near Brantford, Ontario is older. I’m not often in this part of the province, and then it’s usually up nearRead More →

I sadly was unable to participate in the week long celebration of Instant Photography last year because I was in the Chicagoland region, but this year I went full force and worked on reducing my stock of expired Polaroid and Impossible material! I got the shooting started early over the weekend before ‘roid week so I’d have two days worth of material already stocked up. Day One – Jaite Depot Anniversary Speed Graphic – Fuji Fujinon-W 1:56/125 – Polaroid Type 79 Located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, the Jaite train depot one served the company town, the town’s surviving building now serveRead More →

Returning to the beginning for me. One of my very first, actually my fourth image ever shot on 4×5 film was of this building, Hamilton’s Lister Block. The original block was constructed in 1886 but it was burned to the ground by fire in 1923, undaunted a fireproof (it was proved many times over it’s years being abandoned) building was completed in 1924. This beautiful brick and terracotta structure is one of the more iconic on James Street, and after it was abandoned was the first building in Hamilton that I explored, many a Saturday night was spent wandering her empty halls. But unlike manyRead More →

When I was booking my hotel for my last leg of my seven day adventure through the southern United States, I was intending on getting a hotel in Morristown, WV, for some reason Hotels.com ended up showing my hotels in Chambersburg, PA, I thought the two towns were closer together. Well they weren’t. But it turned out that Chambersburg is rather close to Gettysburg. Yes, that Gettysburg, the site of a vicious battle during the American Civil War in 1863. So I decided that I would go visit it. Now I had never been before, so I posed a question to my friend Ryan, whoRead More →

Man, the trouble is We don’t know who we are instead One of my favourite bands is a group called Jars of Clay, on their fifth studio album, and my favourite album cover of theirs, “Who We are Instead.” The cover features the band in front of these old silos, as a fan of abandoned buildings, I was drawn to this. When a fellow fan of the band noticed on Facebook that I was passing through Nashville TN this past week, and my original planned photo for week 16 stopped by a paranoid sheriff, she pointed me at the actual silos. I sadly came toRead More →

Putting up week 15 a bit early as I leave next Tuesday for a trip down through the US for a week, with the possibility of a guest camera appearance for Week 16! With spring here that means that it’s the start of hiking season, and my area of the province has some wonderful trails and conservation areas to enjoy. But the last vestages of winter are still clinging to the ground. Limehouse Conservation Area is no different, as I was setting up this shot I fell into a snow bank, the camera thankfully was saved, but I was a little damp on the backside.Read More →

So despite the fact I was using an untested film holder that caused light leaks, I’m still pretty happy with this shot! I found this rail line in the rural areas surrounding my town and was immediately drawn to to, behind me an old metal bridge that takes the road above the right-of-way. It all reminds me of Cobalt, ON, but without the silver mine. After a long hard cold winter, it’s nice to have some warm weather (I was out in my spring jacket) and some bright blue skies. Always, Always, Always test out your film holders on ‘throw-away’ sheets before putting your expensiveRead More →

You may recognize this building from the 2006 film Transformers, this is Detroit’s massive Michigan Central Station. Designed in the Beaux-Arts Classical style with the interior lobby modelled after a Roman Bathhouse, complete with Doric columns. The station was completed in 1912, but the whole area wasn’t fully completed (including Roosevelt Park, from where I took this photo) until 1920. Costing $15,000,000 in 1912 to complete the station was never fully used. That’s right, the 18-story tower that rises above the actual station was never completed the top several floors not even furnished. But despite this the station hosted more than 4,000 passengers daily throughRead More →

A little bit of infrastructure porn for Week 10, inspired by some of Bill Schwab’s recent photos of this Bridge from the Detroit side of the River. As I was heading into Detroit for the weekend I decided to stop off and get a shot from the Windsor side. The bridge also serves as one of the busiest border crossings in North America, and is one of two ways to cross the Detroit river, the other being the tunnel (which I oddly enough took). Officially opened in 1929 it was designed to ease the congestion in the tunnel, without obstructing lake freighter traffic, and forRead More →