Well that’s it for the sheet a week project, and honestly it was fun! My love of 4×5 never wavered nor my love of Tri-X! And while next year I’m going to be exploring more of the Ilford Line of film, major projects will be done on Tri-X because really, you can’t fuck this film up unless you do something disastrous! Anyways, onto my top ten shots from the past fifty-two weeks! 1. Week 5 – The Lone Tree 2. Week 38 – The Starfighter 3. Week 22 – Courts of Commerce 4. Week 23 – Overlord 5. Week 26 – Among the Crosses 6.Read More →

As the project comes to a close, and the new one is just starting to roll out, I figured I should review the Tri-X project. It has been an interesting time for sure, and yes, rules were broken well mostly, switching over to the FM2 then back to the F3. But overall I learned several things over the course of the project. 1. The FM2 likes a 1/3 stop over exposure in dark situation, and a 1/3 under for bright situations. 2. The F3 is a solid camera, but even it needs to be sent in for service (thank you Nikon!) 3. Tri-X looks fantasticRead More →