One of the best parts of being a historical reenactor is that you often get a chance to visit and stay in some of Canada’s historic sites, and many find their home in some of the beautiful towns in the province. And while it can be hit and miss along the Niagara River, Fort George in the picturesque Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario is certainly one such site. Having an event there during the July edition of the Summer Film Party offered me a chance to shoot in the historic walls of Fort George, a site deep in military history. Both the fort and the town have aRead More →

Having a free Saturday, which in the summer does not happen to me often, and itching to take a drive I decided to visit some place new. I pulled out an old road map of southern Ontario and dropped my finger blind onto it, then opened my eyes and drew a line to the nearest town. That town ended up being Wiarton, Ontario. Now I had drive through Wiarton before, stopping once (just for gas) but had never actually stopped and looked around. Wiarton at first glace could be one of the many small towns you’d find along the old King’s Highway system, mostly lateRead More →