The 2014 Projects

Well it is getting to that time of the year where I lay out to you, my faithful readers what is going to be happening photographically with me over the next calendar year and update you on the ongoing projects. My 52-Roll project for 2013 has been a stunning success, and working with other faithful 52-rollers over on has been a great time, seeing a little community built up over the course of the year that will continue into one of 2014’s project.

The War of 1812 Project, now titled “A Peace Forged in Fire & Blood” continues on and enters into the final year. Although the blog posts have slowed down this year with much of my energy focusing on going back to certain sites and rephotographing them in Black & White to fit with the overall theme. However the project does forge on, and the manuscript for the final product, a book, is written and is currently being inputted into an editors draft. It will be released in February 2015 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the end of the war! As for some major conflicts to watch for in 2014 is the Burning of Washington DC, The USS Chesapeake vs. the HMS Shannon, Battle of Bladensburg, the Battle of Chatugey, Battle of Lake Erie, The battles of Castine and Hampden, and the Battle of New Orleans!

Project:1812 - Brown's Point
Recently re-photographed image of the Brown’s Point marker, part of the Battle of Queenston Heights.

Right on the heels of the Tri-X roll project comes another 52 project with a twist. I won’t be shooting roll film, instead I’ll be shooting sheets, one sheet of 4×5 a week for the entire year. Of course my film of choice is the classic Kodak Tri-X Pan (320TXP). Now some people have warned me about this film, and I know that it is wildly different from the roll film I know and enjoy, but it’s all part of the fun a little bit of a challenge so to speak. Other than the film there are no other real rules, I can use any camera, any lens, any speed, filter, chemistry to develop ect. Plus I aim to basically carry the camera with me during the week and really focus on crafting the image slow it down, shoot and make it meaningful.

Camera Collection - Feb 2013
My Beat Up Speed Graphic will be pushed to the limit over the course of the project

The aim of the project is to really improve and slow down my photography, and to better get to know the 4×5 format and really see how far I can push Tri-X in sheet format with a greater range of developers. I aim to play with D-76, HC-110, Xtol, Pyro, even Rodinal to see what I can do…and who knows what else I can come up with. Should be a good year here at Alex Luyckx | Photography.

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