2016 – A Year of Beginnings and Endings

Ah yes, the famous what’s up and coming for 2016 blog post. 2016 is going to be a year of beginnings and endings. And of course some continuances.

On Endings…
Finally after several years of work my on going War of 1812 project will be coming to an end, with the final locations marked and the written portions of the book completed and being edited it’s finally time to call the project quits. It’s been a wild ride with lots of going back, reworking, rephotographing, and expanding the project to encompass as much of the war I could cram into my head and my book. Look for it Christmas 2016!

Project:1812 - The King's Navy Yards (Amherstburg)

On Beginnings…
Yes folks it’s coming back a 52-Roll project! But this one is going square, that’s right working with the Hasselblad 500c for a year’s worth of work with the 2016 project! Like the 2013 project this one will require me to stick with one camera and one film, that is the Hasselblad 500c and the film is Rollei RPX 100. Like the 2014 Sheet-A-Week project I can use any lens I want, for the most part the 80mm and 50mm lens but who knows what I could get through the year, and I can use any chemistry I want to develop it. And just to give myself that extra challenge, I will also print at least one image from each roll shot.

CCR - Review 19 - Hasselblad 500c

The second project that I’ll be working on is simply titled “My Oma’s Camera” I recently was gifted my Oma Luyckx’s Instamatic camera. Now I never really knew my Oma Luyckx as she passed away when I was two, but recently the camera has come into my possession, I also have a bunch of slides that she shot with the camera. So through 2016 I’ll be sorted through and scanning/posting images from this camera as my own personal rediscovery of my Oma.

My Oma's Camera

On Continuances…
Classic Camera Revival will be continuing! Yes that’s right both review blogs (although probably reduced to one or two a month) and the podcast will be continuing for 2016. And what a good year we have planned for the CCR Podcast with even a Walk ‘n Talk meetup where we, the hosts turn the mics over to you, our listeners to talk about your favourite camera. Look for it around April or May of 2016! As for the review blogs I still have some fine cameras on the list for the rest of 2015 such as the Zenit 122K, Nikon F, and one more mystery camera!

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