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When it comes to the wider world of the film photography community, there has been an extraordinary explosion in content, especially within the realm of user-generated content, from wonderful groups on Flickr and Facebook to a vast collection of amazing blogs and podcasts. There is also an extensive collection of film photography content on YouTube. And a couple of years back, I ventured into this forum and found the format refreshing and a valued extension to my written content. But I have many channels as my favourites where I go to seek out inspiration, entertainment, and, of course, learning. So today, I wanted to share these with you these channels and hope you head on over and give them subscriptions, likes and, of course, comments.

Lucy Lumen’s Analog Adventures
Lucy has a refreshing take on film photography, clearing through all the technical aspects and enjoying photography as a photographer. She brings excellent insights into point-and-shoots, film stocks, and strange places to practice photography. She also has great community involvement and a wide range of video types from regular walks, reviews, and ways to inspire yourself! Not to mention some amazing backing tracks from her partner Lux! You can check out her channel at:

Kyle McDougall
Kyle keeps things real, from deep dives into philosophy and inspiration. Plus, challenges both with and to improve one’s photography, Kyle’s channel is one I go to when I want to see amazing photography and learn valuable techniques. Plus, Kyle is a fellow hybrid shooter, so that you can see both his amazing work on film and digital. I go here to seek inspiration, learn something new, and have a fresh perspective on a camera or film stock. Plus, get a general feel for making a video flow and improving my work. You can check out Kyle’s Channel at:

Jess Hobbs
If there’s one channel that I can honestly say inspired my trip into YouTube, it’s Jess’. Jess takes a fun approach to photography with a whole lot of honesty. It is certainly one that I watch if I want inspiration for my channel and to see the beautiful landscapes Jess captures in her backyard. Plus, a peek into parts of Canada where I have never been. From film reviews and comparisons, camera tips, tricks, and reviews. Her work at music festivals and love of fall in Quebec. And her unabashed love of Polaroids. You can check out Jess’ channel at:

The Old Camera Guy
If you’re looking for someone who exemplifies the need for a frugal view of photography, look no further than The Old Camera Guy. Dave is a wonderful photographer with a great eye, and I always check out his channel if I want a peek at Ohio and pad my list of cheap point-and-shoot and toy cameras to keep an eye out for. And there’s some nice UrbEx content mixed in. Plus, his thrifting videos make me rather jealous as we have nothing like his takeaways here in Ontario. You can check out Dave’s Channel At:

Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley
Like my own channel, Aly presents her YouTube channel as a companion to her blog and often ties the content together. This is perfect because sometimes you want to read the article and listen and see the content in action. Aly’s channel is a lovely blend of reviews, life, and how-to guides. From trying out many cameras to replacing light seals on your SLR. Aly’s views are fresh, honest, and always make you think. I know her channel has helped me present my reviews and tie content together. You can check out Aly’s channel at:

Mat Marrash
In my work with large format, there is a singular inspiration for my work, style and dance, and that is Mat. Mat and I first met through the Film Photography Project and even appeared on a few episodes together. He’s always quick to answer questions and has a vast array of knowledge about the camera, technique, and darkroom work. His weekly series, Large Format Friday has been a great help for me in improving my large-format work. He has videos that will guide, inspire, and even make you think. Mat’s channel is for you if you’re looking for stunning landscapes and cramped quarters! You can check it out at:

From street photography to reviews, Eclectachrome is a great channel that you’ll never be able to pronounce the same time twice. If you love the UK, you’ll want to check out her channel. Her reviews are insightful, and she has a great eye for composition with even the cheapest of cameras. There’s honesty, fun, and plenty of excellent content to enjoy and take in. I love her camera reviews and street photography videos, which certainly help me choose compositions and look for new cameras to try out. You can check out the channel at:

Kosmo Foto
If you’re a fan of Soviet-era cameras, Kosmo Foto is probably not a new name. I’ve been following the Kosmo Foto blog for several years now and have supported several projects. The YouTube channel is another new branch for Stephen, and he certainly brings a solid production value to his videos. It is mostly reviewed, but there are several videos about good choices in point-and-shoots and guides to buying Soviet era cameras. All are well worth a watch and certainly help increase my GAS. You can check out the channel here:

Sophia Carey
Look no further than Sophia’s channel if you’re into model photography. While I’m not one to actively shoot fashion, it is certainly fun to watch her style and technique. Blended into this are reviews on cameras, film stock, and travel. Plus, how to build up a brand and enjoy photography. There are other videos on tips, techniques, and discussions on the process of photography from the film, digital and hybrid processes. You can check out Sophia’s channel at:

Madison Beach
Madison is another excellent photographer out of the UK; her simple approach to photography is one of the drawing features of her channel. Always willing to try out something new and features a blend of reviews, vlogs, and point-of-view videos. Not to mention a touch on keeping things sustainable. Madison certainly brings charm, honesty, and a lot of creativity to her channel, and it certainly helps keep me inspired to shoot for the fun of it while maintaining a creative vision. You can check out her channel at:

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, and I have plenty of other photography-related channels on my subscription list, these are the channels that I always look forward to new content being posted. They interact freely and generally have a positive vibe to their content. While they all dive into some severe range and freely express their opinions, they always value interactions with their viewers!

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