A Quick Update – Why Things Look a bit Weird Right Now

Hey there Readers! I wanted to make a quick note about why things are looking a little weird around here right now. If you may have noticed, over the last month, several errors have occurred here on the blog. Mostly in connection with Database Connection errors. I hate to say it, but these things were entirely my fault. I left the doors open, and someone decided to make themselves at home. And that someone started playing around with my database. After I got confirmation of this, I thought I had plugged that hole. I was wrong. Thankfully I was able to make a quick backup of the entire blog and site, and blew everything away and reinstalled and updated all critical software connected to running the site and blog to the latest. And more importantly, I identified where the holes were and made sure they were plugged. The problem was that, in my speed, to prevent another cycle of non-access, I backed up the content without dates, stages, and status. So everything got messy. You’ll notice that some links aren’t working, and old posts are close to the top or not in the proper categories or tagged. I’m working hard to get everything back in its place. And I do have things documented in many cases, so it’s a matter of manually updating everything. Until then, continue to enjoy the blog, as new content will keep popping up in the correct order!

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