#photochat – June 2024 | Black & White Photography

Established in 2013 by MainStreetHost and taken on by Alex Luyckx Photography in 2015, #photochat is a community of photography professionals and enthusiasts who congregate to talk shop and discuss anything and everything photography. After a brief pause through 2023 Photochat is back with a monthly chat model. To participate in our monthly chat (every Second Thursday at 1:00 pm), search the #photochat hashtag on Twitter, Mastodon, and BlueSky Social to see the conversation, or find me at @AlexLuyckxPhoto on Twitter, Mastodon & BlueSky. Include the hashtag in your tweets to answer the questions and talk with the other participants.

If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in #photochat, hop onto Facebook, Twitter, or good old fashioned Email and let me know!

Our Topic for this Month, June 2024, is Black & White!

Question 1 – Do you prefer film or digital for Black & White work?
Question 2 – What are you favourite B&W Film Stocks/Presets
Question 3 – What makes a good B&W image in your mind?
Question 4 – What subject matter do you prefer in B&W than in colour?
Question 5 – Share some recent B&W photos that you’re proud of!

Past topics have included: Get To Know You (Reboot), Film Photography, Digital Photography, Pinhole Photography, Architectural Photography

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