I had gotten a grand total of three hours sleep before my alarm clock woke me up. But I knew there was some strange reason I had done this to myself. So by five in the morning I was back on the road again aiming myself into Toronto. I reached Polson Pier just before six. The wind and cold was wicked that morning. My iPhone told me it was -10C. I quickly setup my camera at the edge of the pier, two huge cargo ships were busy getting loaded. But my interest was in the Toronto skyline.

Good Morning Toronto

The sky was still dark, no sign of the sun yet save a sliver of light on the eastern horizon obsured by the few buildings dotting the portlands. The Hearn Stack towering above me. The sunrise from the roof of the old station would be just as good.

By quarter after the sky was starting to turn a clear blue, I could start to see the clouds turning pink along the eastern sky.

Just before Golden

The sun’s influence was starting to warm up the area, but I was so cold from standing outside for almost an hour now, this better be worth it. The Royal Bank tower was now glowing like crazy. The Sun was going to come up any time now.

Toronto - Sunrise - End of Blue Hour

And then it hit.

Toronto - Sunrise - Golden Hour

Totally worth it. I quickly retired back to my car, did a quick packing job and hit up the Balzac’s in the nearby Distillery District.

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  1. I love the time and dedication you put into being there at just the right moment!

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