What’s Coming for 2017

So we’re here with just over ten days left in 2016, and I haven’t yet provided you, my faithful readers, with an update on what’s going to happen in the new year here on the blog! Well, there are going to be a few changes, but don’t worry they’re all going to be good. First up there’s going to be no overarching year long project in 2017, nor will I be engaging in a major project. Because my life is going to change, if you haven’t realized from reading some of my posts over on 52Rolls I’m getting married in April! So most of my year will be focused on that, being married. Don’t worry; I’m not giving up on photography or the blog since it was photography that started both Heather and I down this path.

A Lovely Hike
My beautiful bride-to-be Heather on a hike we took back in November

I’m wrapping up all my projects in 2016, so that means the 52-Roll project will be ending in a couple of weeks! I only have two more rolls of film sitting on my shelf waiting to become a part of that project. And it’s been a fun one, I’ve grown to have a great appreciation for the Hasselblad camera and the RPX line of film and will certainly be continuing to use the RPX 25 film at least which has become my favorite of the line. And the Anglo-American War of 1812 project that started in 2012 will also be coming to a close, and I have finished the book on the project as well! You can pick up a copy of “Fire & Blood” from Blurb.com!

Project:1812 - The Destruction of Washington
The Smithsonian Gallery of American Art as it stands today, was previously the US Patent Office to replace the one saved during the city’s destruction that burned in 1838. And the final photo I took in relation to the War of 1812 Project

Season 3 of Classic Camera Revival is looking up! We’ve recorded the first three episodes for the new year and plan on bringing in lots of new and some familiar faces, or is that voices, to the podcast! And I will be continuing to reviews cameras where I can next year hoping for at least one a month. The blog will continue to have content posted to it. More film reviews, different photographic techniques, more personal photographic works, and cooking!

That about wraps this up, so a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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