Infrared photography is one of the more unique niches of the hobby and can produce some amazing and wild images using light beyond our visible spectrum. In this episode, Alex digs into black-and-white infrared photography specifically. Infrared light is part of the overall electromagnetic spectrum, which includes our human visible light spectrum, which ranges from 380nm to 700nm or violet to red. Most infrared photography uses specialised film and filters to capture light between 700nm and 900nm. Today, we don’t have dedicated IR films being newly produced like Kodak HIE, Efke IR820 or Konica Infrared 750, but we do have extended red sensitive films thatRead More →

We see a little silhouetto of a roll film, and for this episode, we’re a little high, a little low because Ilford matters! Yes, this episode is a rhapsody of Ilford films, and we’re going from Pan F+ to Delta 3200 and everything in between to discuss what we love about Ilford films, how we use them, development, and shooting them! But why are we focusing on Ilford? Well, that’s simple! Ilford has made a constant effort to support the photography community in being able to produce film at scale for the modern market and is often less likely to increase costs. They have optionsRead More →

There’s a whole lot of nerding out happening in this episode; join Bill and special guest Dan Tamarkin of Tamarkin Camera. Dan is the second-generation owner of Tamarkin Camera. America’s premiere Leica Specialist. Started by his father with a roll-top desk, the shop is now in Windy City, Chicago, Illinois. Dan is the go-to guy in the Midwest if you want an honest and real experience buying Leica. But that’s not all; Dan also buys and sells a tonne of other camera gear. Find Tamarkin Camera Online At: Web: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Looking for a good spot to get your gearRead More →

The topic of box cameras hasn’t been discussed in a great deal since our first season, so Alex is back with a solo episode about his box camera collection, both his historic cameras and a few modern cameras that may not look like those simple box cameras but are in the same theme. Cameras include several Agfa cameras (Box 50, Click II, Clack and Isoly Jr), a 1915 Kodak Hawk-Eye Model C and modern options like Holga, RETO, and Lomography cameras, from the cameras themselves to having fun and choosing films. Looking for a good spot to get your gear and material fix check outRead More →

Photography is driven by nostalgia. Photos can take you back to places where you have been; you can see people as they were or even stare into the faces of those who have passed once again. But what about places, cameras and films? Well, that is what the gang sits down to talk about in this episode, as we talk about the powerful memories connected with past cameras, film stocks, and places. Plus, there are some excellent old-fashioned discussions surrounding them. Looking for a good spot to get your gear and material fix check out Burlington Camera (Burlington, ON), Downtown Camera (Toronto, ON), Film PlusRead More →

That’s right, we’re doing it again with another episode about zoom lenses. While many of us are prime lens sort of people, a zoom lens can offer up a lot of versatility when we either don’t want to or cannot, due to space constraints, bring a selection of prime lenses. So with this episode, each of our team members brings up a trio of zoom lenses with the following criteria, one that surprised them with how good it worked, one that they will always reach for, and finally, one that sucked so hard they wanted to toss it in the Hudson River. Please note weRead More →

From Plus-X to Panatomic-X and Fujifilm colour stocks, join Alex, Bill and James as they discuss their favourite discontinued film stocks and what they try and do to recreate the magic. While far from perfect, there is a lot you can do with modern emulsions to recreate those looks you enjoyed in the past. Plus, a discussion around how Alex can get that Panatomic look without paying for TMax 100 and retain a classic grain structure. Plus, there was a bit of discussion around what film we’d want to bring back, the new Ferrania P33, and some developer discussion. It’s a classic CCR roundtable episode.Read More →

While we’re still far from summer vacation, many people are already starting to figure out where they’re going on holidays this year. As photographers, especially film photographers, it can be challenging to choose what camera(s) to bring and how to keep things to a minimum! There is a temptation to bring everything plus the kitchen sink along for the ride, and if any member of the CCR team knows this full well, it’s Alex. But when space is limited, and extra bags cost airlines money, we may need to rethink and start packing a little lighter. This is a follow-up to the original episode recordedRead More →

Family albums, photo projects, books and double exposures. Jess, Chrissie, and Alex all sit down with the talented local Toronto photographer Tawnya Mahoney for our ongoing interview series. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Tawnya’s feed, you’re in for a treat, as her work is intentional, ethereal, and inspired, not to mention her inspired captions that go along with her images. There are lots of double exposures, experimental and wild. And yes, there is a lot of fanning from our host team! And, of course, the usual chat about gear, first cameras, home development, scanning and film choices. Check out Tawnya onRead More →

When it comes to Nikon, tons of cameras and lenses are available, and you might feel a bit frozen when making that choice and where to jump in. Well, we aren’t going to hide that we’re a bunch of Nikon fanboys, so Bill and Alex sit down for a bit of a meandering episode talking about some good places to start when buying Nikon cameras. From the original rangefinders to the mechanical and hybrid SLRs of the 1950s to 1980s. And, of course, the brilliant AF models of the 1990s and 2000s. There’s something here for everyone. Looking for a good spot to get yourRead More →