This is a project that seeks to explore the historical churches and congregations in Ontario, Canada. To be included, the church must meet the following criteria, the congregation (or source congregations) must have been founded before 1900. This will allow churches in the United Church of Canada (formed in 1929) to be included, and the current building must have been built prior to 1950 and be occupied by a congregation of the original denomination that constructed the building (Roman Catholic, United, Presbyterian).

Houses of Holy | Historical Churches of Halton Region
The overall colonial history of the Halton Region only began in the first years of the 19th Century. These churches represent some of the oldest congregations within the region. And while certainly not all the historic churches, this is the first round with the project theme.

0 – Houses of Holy | An Introduction
1 – Palermo United Church (1812)
2 – St. Peter’s Mission Church (1819)
3 – Boston Presbyterian Church (1820)
4 – Munn’s United Church (1823)
5 – St. John’s United Church (Oakville) (1832)
6 – Knox Presbyterian Church (Oakville) (1833)
7 – St. Luke’s Anglican Church (Burlington) (1834)
8 – St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church (1835)
9 – St. John’s Anglican Church (Burlington) (1835)
10 – St. Stephen’s Anglican Church (1836)
11 – St. George’s Anglican Church (Lowville) (1838)
12 – St Jude’s Anglican Church (1839)
13 – Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church (1839)
14 – St. John’s Anglican Church (Nassagaweya) (1840)
15 – St. John’s United Church (Georgetown) (1841)
16 – St. Luke’s Anglican Church (Palermo) (1842)
17 – Knox Presbyterian Church Sixteen (1845)
18 – St. George’s Anglican Church (Georgetown) (1845)
19 – Grace Anglican Church (1851)
20 – St. Paul’s United Church (1853)
21 – Knox Presbyterian Church (Milton) (1855)
22 – L’Eglise Sacré-Coeur (1855)
23 – St. David’s Presbyterian Church (1869)

Houses of Holy Two | Historical Churches of Hamilton, Wentworth & Niagara
Some of Ontario’s oldest congregations can be found through the Hamilton, Wentworth and Niagara Regions and these were among the earliest places in the province to be occupied by European settlement in a major way. Come as we explore some of these congregations! Expect a much wider range of denominations and some much older churches.

Houses of Holy Three | Historical Churches of Toronto
The city of Toronto was among Ontario’s oldest urban centres, tracing itself back to the late 18th Century. And while many of the original buildings are long gone, the congregations that still serve the city are among the oldest in the province.

Houses of Holy Four | Historical Churches of Wellington & Waterloo

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